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Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment


When it comes to software or application development, the environment you build in is extremely important. While you’re focusing on shaping and tweaking your latest project, the last thing you want to have is roadblocks thrown in your way due to the environment you’re using. It might be time to consider cloud computing! Utilizing the cloud as a tool for development of your software or application in a virtual environment has many advantages. From improved collaboration to faster deployment, there are plenty of reasons to get started.


Quick Experimentation
In a matter minutes, you can have a development server – or five – running at your disposal. Want to see how much better your application runs on a server powered by solid-state drives? Simply clone your current instance and redeploy it to one of our Storm SSD options. No waiting for a server to be built with the right hardware, no reinstalling the operating system, or any of the other headaches that come with switching between physical servers. Not to mention, when your testing is over, just tear down the instance at no further cost to you.


Level-Up Your Collaboration
Running your development environment in a centralized location enables much easier collaboration than having it on your local computer. Software teams are often separated by buildings, cities, or even countries. Providing easy access to your development environment to someone not sitting right by you can speed up code reviews, enable pair programming across locations, and generally allow for sharing ideas on that next feature to build. Virtualizing your development environment makes it easy to setup identical workspaces for everyone on your team, even replicating your production instances. The struggle of precisely maintaining a myriad of software packages and other dependencies is a thing of the past.


Infrastructure Automation
Eliminating any grunt work involved in setting up your server not only releases you to focus on building your application or system, but also lessens the risk of mistakes. Automated infrastructure allows you to deploy new versions of your system via script, and reduces the chance of human error by having easily repeated, automated processes for turning on new instances. In addition, you can easily and quickly spin up a client instance for nightly testing to keep the project on task. You could even develop a solution that will automatically scale your systems based on demand, at a specified time, or set it to trigger based on other parameters in order to speed your project along. In reality, you’re only limited by your imagination in how you can use the automated infrastructure to reduce your workload and free your mind to focus more important aspect of your project.


Easily Scale Up or Down As Needed
While most projects start small, there’s a good chance your development needs will grow. Running out of space while you’re in the middle of a project isn’t merely annoying, but can cause long delays while you add more infrastructure. In the cloud, you can easily start small and scale up, effortlessly, as your project grows. No need to worry about a lack of computing power or space while you’re buried in code – simply add more and continue building without fear.


Pay As You Go and Save
Oftentimes the start up costs for a development project can overwhelm your capabilities and paying for development space adds up. However, developing your software or application in a virtual environment means you only pay for the time you need to test your code. Whether that be a day, a week, or a month, you are only accountable for what you need. The ability to create and destroy virtual environments as you need them allows you to use your limited resources where they are most needed while you’re still in the development phase.


A virtual environment can make the development process faster, more centralized, and more cost-effective. Lightning Arrows’s Storm Platform is uniquely suited for your development project, as it provides the power of dedicated servers with the flexibility of cloud hosting. It will allow you to launch servers, and storage volumes if needed, to build the perfect environment for your development project, all backed by our 24/7/365 Lightning Support team.

Interested in developing on the cloud with Lightning Arrows? Live Chat or call our team at 1-800-580-495 to find out how to get started.


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